Are Wax Melts Safe For Pets?

In short, no. Although my products do not contain essential oils some pets are a lot more sensitive to strong fragrances which could cause upper respiratory infections. Animals I would strongly advise against using near are: rodents, reptiles, rabbits and birds. Other pets maybe fine however we all react differently and I would still discourage use around them however if you do wish to melt around cats and dogs please ensure they do not have breathing issues already, allergens that maybe triggered by the hazards in the clp (designated on the back of your item and there's also a link in the 'A Little More Info' tab) and the area is well ventilated and the ability to move into a space more comfortable for them. If your pet shows any signs of issues discontinue use immediately an seek a vet. Please note the type of wax has no factors in this, that's a common misconception, It is all down to fragrance oils and in some cases, essential oils. 

Is Paraffin Toxic?

No. There has been a study by the South Caroline University claiming that it is however the study was never published in a peer-reviewed journal and both the ECA and NCA question the reliability of the study. Two years prior to the study the ECA funded a study to examine all major waxes and the chemicals released, all results showed none of the wax types tested released enough chemicals to be harmful to human health. If paraffin showed a potential health risk it would be required to be noted in our CLP labels and it wouldn't be used in our food and beauty products. 

Why Wax Melts Over Candles?

That's just down to personal preference. For myself the benefit of being able to purchase smaller amounts and not have to worry about maintaining a candle is what draws me in.  Candles are normally a lot bigger and more expensive (and rightly so!) so take up a lot more space at home and a bigger impact on my bank balance. 

CLP Share Drive

Open Box 

'What is an open box?'

An open box is a shipping option where you select the products you would like to purchase, create an open box, pay, the products will then be put to the side with myself until you're ready to close the box and then pay postage. 



What is Clearpay? Clearpay is an option for you to spread the costs over 4 payments in fortnightly installments. Please note that missed payments could lead to added fees, if you have issues with payments please contact us and we will see what we can do on our part to help you. 

Wax Melt Safety 

Tealights. Please when using tealight burners be cautious. Never stack, use more than one tealight or use any tealights that last longer than 4 hours  this can cause the burner to crack from the extra heat and may result in a fire. Never add more wax to the burner than it can hold. 

Keep all burners away from droughts and wet areas. Keep all burners and products away from pets and children, seek medical advice immediately if consumed and take the packaging with you, the clp label can be incredibly important in such a situation. Never add water to your burners. This can cause spitting, clumping and potentially a lot of damage.

Store in a cool, dry and dark area. 

Debt Management 

Below I will list a few options for help regarding debt, this is open to most debts. If you do struggle to keep up with payments with Clearpay and do not feel comfortable reaching out to my self (all communication would be kept confidential) these can also help, as well as with most debts. 

Citizens Advice Bureau - Each branch will have their own contact details. 

National Debt Helpline - 0161 640 2792 these however do have fees from what I can gather

Step Changes - 0800 138 1111 

Christians Against Poverty - 01274 760720 not ideal for the self-employed