Trying to date in 2022?  I got you! Now I can't promise you a date or any stability but i can provide you with this collection that'll help cheer you up when anther date goes tits up. 


Redownloading Tinder - This unisex fragrance is fruity and spicy with cherry, tonka beans, almond, sandalwood, rose, jasmine and cinnamon. Perfect for them brief mments your hopes are high. 


Bottomless Brunch - Cocktails, pretty frocks and evaluting who's got the strongest liver? This scent is the perfect match, even if your date is not. An exotic, fruity martini fragrance with dominant notes of tropical passionfruit puree and hints of mango, with a fruity floral heart of peach, apricot, passionfruit liqueur and rose, with hints of ginseng, oranges and lemon.


Situationship - Theres nothing more confusing than mixed signals, a boyfriend thats not your boyfriend and them 2am texts but when they smell nice? Well how can you not. And so this is scented in the sexiest scent known to men, no its not lynx africa. Bold, vibrant scents, including Blackcurrant, Bergamot from Italy, and French Apples as its top notes. There is also a rich base of Birch to finish the scent off.


Need A Date For My Brothers Wedding - Same old line but we all know we're going to but out the summer dress and posh perfume anyway. A timeless classic and is very similar to the popular perfume. This iconic fragrance oil is regarded as a subtle mix of classic feminine scents that compliment delicate Floral fragrances.


Ghosted - His scents still on your pillow but he@s ran from your DM's babes. A masculine classic with scents of Green Mandarin, Cardamom and Rum. The scents combine with Tonka Bean, Golden Myrrh and Vanilla to complement each other.


Hot Girl Summer - Screw him and go screw your way through his friends group this summer hun. Your sheets are fresh, your legs are shaved and them pornstar martinis have hit, go for it! An intensely feminine fruity floral fragrance with sparkling fizzy oranges and tangerines swirled with candy enriched by ripe peach, plum and raspberry intertwined by summer freesia leading to a mouthwatering base of dry fruits, vanilla, musk and amber.


Each come as 50g segment pots which you can purchase seperatly or as a full set at a which saves you £2.10

Hoe Phase Collection